Grants through the Amador Community Foundation are provided to fund and support causes that have a direct impact on improving the quality of life here in Amador County. Each fund we hold has a designated and specific purpose set forth through the intent of the donor. Grants can serve as a call to action as well as powerfully impact our community for years to come.

Grant Guidelines

There are two ways to receive a grant from the Amador Community Foundation:

Donor-Recommended Grants:

The Amador Community Foundation stewards a variety of donor-advised funds. Grants are awarded from a donor-advised fund based upon recommendations from the donors who set up the fund or their designated representatives.

Competitive Grants

The Amador Community Foundation has several funds that award grants on a competitive basis. We maintain both unrestricted grant funds and funds with unique focus areas. All grant proposals are reviewed by a grants committee which is comprised of members of the Foundation’s board of directors and community representatives. The review process focuses on the greatest impact and most effective use of the community’s donations over the long term. Priority is given to proposals that successfully address the following:

  • The capacity of the organizations: How well does the organization’s board, advisory committee, volunteers and/or staff demonstrate the skills, experience, and commitment to carry out the proposed project?
  • Organization mission and funding focus: To what extent does the project relate to both the organization’s core mission and Amador Community Foundation’s current funding focus?
  • Need for project: Is this project appropriate for the area or population it intends to serve, does it demonstrate community support, and is it unique or will it involve collaboration with other organizations?
  • Objectives and methods: Does this project have clear and measurable goals that will result in a meaningful improvement to our community?
  • Budget and project sustainability: Is the project budget realistic and will the project continue to be sustainable after an investment from the Amador Community Foundation?

Amador Community Foundation sponsors a single day of annual giving, Giving Tuesday. We encourage all non-profits that serve Amador County to partner with our organization on Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving. We work with sponsors to offer matching grant opportunities for Giving Tuesday.  Please visit for more information.

Grant Recommendations

Grant Recommendations are presented to the Foundation’s board of directors for final approval. Foundation staff will notify all applicants of the board’s decision in writing and in a timely manner. Successful applicants will be required to submit a narrative and financial reports that explain the outcomes of the funded project.

What We Fund

The Amador Community Foundation places special emphasis on issues and projects designed to transform everyday life in Amador County.

Through our competitive grantmaking process, we prioritize grant opportunities with:

  • Measurable Results: 
    • We seek to partner with and support nonprofit organizations that create long-term solutions to creating a healthy, safe and vibrant community;
  • Maximum Leverage: 
    • Organizations that give strong evidence of community support for what they propose.
    • Collaboration with other community organizations; including funds from other sources being used in conjunction with those proposed from the Foundation;
  • Demonstrated Need: 
    • We encourage applications from organizations that represent and serve people and projects historically excluded from access to other funding sources;
  • Innovative Ideas: 
    • We support projects that seek to enhance the lives and future of the people in Amador County.

What We Don’t Fund

In general, we will not consider funding:

  • Concurrent or more than three consecutive grants to the same organization;
  • Direct assistance to meet an individual’s personal needs;
  • Annual fund-raising campaigns or special events;
  • Debt reduction;
  • Duplication of existing programs or services by new nonprofit organizations;
  • Creation of or addition to an endowment fund or scholarship program;
  • Political or religious purposes or to influence legislation or elections.

If your request fits the eligibility criteria, please fill out the Grant Application and submit your application with the Federal Tax Identification number or fiscal sponsorship information. 

Prior Grant Awards

We know our community from top to bottom. We know which charitable organizations do the best work in Amador County, and which have the potential to grow into stronger organizations with a little extra support. We use our knowledge to put our resources to the best benefit of the entire community.

View a full report of each Prior Years Grant Awards

Simply put, the Amador Community Foundation improves the quality of life for the citizens of Amador County today and for generations to come. 

We connect local generosity with local needs.

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