Non-Profit Graduates of ACF

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Some of our most productive local nonprofits got their start under Amador Community Foundation – We have the ability to incubate new nonprofit organizations to safely test their sustainability and service model. With this added security, the nonprofit organization can strengthen its ability to serve community needs while providing a tax-deductible donation to generous donors.

Below are just a few of our success stories. More stories can be found under the Community Impact / Success Stories sub-menu or by clicking the following links:

Amador Stars

Cancer Patients Needed Rides… So Amador STARS Was Born

Amador STARS’ honorary board member, Phyllis Swensen coordinated volunteer van drivers from her kitchen table at her home in Jackson, under the name Amador County Cancer Transportation Program. A station wagon was parked in front of her house, and four volunteers would drive patients to their radiation treatments in Sacramento, Stockton, and Lodi.

The program was originally managed through The American Cancer Society, but they wanted our ride schedules to be coordinated through their Atlanta office. This just didn’t work for Amador’s rural community where Joe might need to be picked up under the oak tree on a dirt road near Highway 88. Thus, Amador STARS was born.

Amador Community Foundation was the fiscal sponsor for Amador STARS for five years while they got their legs under them, and could file for their own nonprofit status in 2009. Now, Amador STARS has their own 501(c)3 nonprofit status, and has raised over $1,000,000 for cancer patient support and donated to research through Campout for Cancer, Bunco for Breast Cancer, and other donations. STARS currently has six “cancer vans” that have safely transported hundreds of local residents to thousands of out-of-town radiation treatments.

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E.T.A. Evacuation Teams of Amador

E.T.A. Evacuation Teams of Amador, established in 2018, is a grass-roots organization based in Amador County, California, dedicated to the safety and welfare of people and animals in emergencies and disasters. ETA strives to provide charitable assistance to the general public by working together with public and private agencies in and around Amador County, California for the evacuation of animals during a disaster. We are trained, certified, and insured.


Nexus Youth & Family Services is a non-profit human services organization located in Amador County, California. The mission of Nexus is to serve members of the community through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships, and the provision of educational and therapeutic services.


Providing a safe place for women struggling with addictions to live a sober healthy life, find employment, and become productive individuals in our communities. or

Simply put, the Amador Community Foundation improves the quality of life for the citizens of Amador County today and for generations to come. 

We connect local generosity with local needs.

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