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We make it easy to meet your charitable goals. There are several ways to give, and each can ripple through our community. 

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Did you know…

The Amador Community Foundation grants out over $190,000 in scholarships each year. We also helped raise over $645,000 last year for local non-profits during our annual Giving Tuesday event which we host. We have granted out over $500,000 during local disasters with our Disaster Relief Fund. To date, we have granted over $9 million to Amador County!

Below are just a few of our success stories.


We wish to express our sincere thanks to everyone who supported and donated to the 2023 Giving Tuesday Event.


Discover and give to local non-profits who are making a difference every day. Giving Tuesday is a day of generosity for our nonprofit community.

Your donations will help the non-profits in Amador County who do so much for our community. You can choose what organization receives your donation.



Grants are provided to fund and support causes that directly impact improving the quality of life here in Amador County. Each fund we hold has a specific purpose through the donor’s intent. Grants can serve as a call to action and powerfully impact your community for years.

Scholarship funds provide tuition assistance and recognition to local students as they strive to achieve various goals through their educational journey. Each scholarship fund has unique criteria for selecting recipients, including academic achievement, financial need, educational and career goals, and community involvement. Annual scholarship awards may be used for accredited academic and vocational training programs. If you seek scholarships, your high school counselor can help you with information about our community scholarships.

For more Grant & Scholarship information, call us at (209) 223-2148 or email

Simply put, the Amador Community Foundation improves the quality of life for the citizens of Amador County today and for generations to come. 

We connect local generosity with local needs.

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